Do’s and Don’ts for Mommy Bloggers…

DON’T post suggestive/provocative pictures of yourself or anyone else- especially children, online. In my own mind, I imagine that each picture I share online is a poster in a crowded subway station. Would I still post it?

DO keep in mind that the way you see your photos and the way others see your photos may not be the same. That photo you have of your little one in the bathtub or on the beach may be the most adorable thing you or I have ever seen, but to the wrong person it could be pornography. Be discerning and use caution.

DON’T forget that what you share is most likely permanent. If you do choose to post that picture of your little one’s tushy, just remember that the same little tushy will be a big tushy one day. We want that tushy to be able to run for congress…or at least go to high school without getting stuffed in a locker.

DO take a closer look at your photos before sharing them. Is your house number on the mailbox behind your little sweetie as he or she is getting on the bus in that first day of school photo? Is your address on the envelope next to the bouquet of flowers you photographed? I know that sounds a little James Bond, but just be aware and be careful.

DON’T share personal information. That sounds strange because we often share personal things on our blogs, but I mean things like your address, what school your children attend, where you will be (and won’t be) at certain times, ages, birth dates, last names…things like that.

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Auf genau diese Art zeigen Chinesinnen ihre Liebe… ”

- Raymond A. Scofield - “Gelber Kaiser”