Automatic modes aren’t perfect, but better use it, before you loose time with manual adjustment and miss a great motive… A great photo has a lot less to do with technical aptitude and a lot more with your ability to create an artful composition… ”

Tumblr tricks and more…

  • Use following keyboard letters as shortcuts on the dashboard 

J - View next photo
K - View previous photo
L - Like photo 

  • Reblog direcly from the dashboard

Alt + reblog

  • Find a post’s source

Hover on the post on your dashboard, notice that the upper-right flap of the white background becomes slightly bent. Click the flap to go to the original post address

  •  View posts liked by others
  • Your tag entries chronological
  • Add an online visitors counter (for example to description)
  • Transform your blog into a pdf-document (also a real printed book)


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