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11 Travel photography tips to get you through the summer

Chose you gear carefully.

Once you’ve selected the gear, make a list.

It’s all about the bag.

Speaking of the bag… Don’t put it down.

And whatever you do, don’t check it!

Be inconspicuous in your surroundings.

And while we’re on the subject…

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Keep important documentation handy.

Make friends with a local.

Have an amazing time.

5 Things You May Not Know About the Terracotta Army

1) Qin Shi Huang’s burial complex was the largest in the world - and it was probably never completed.

2) Qin was an effective and powerful ruler, but he was also known for his cruelty.

3) Each soldier in the Terracotta Army has distinct facial features.

4) Their weapons were extraordinarily well preserved. 

5) The emperor’s tomb itself still hasn’t been excavated.

Have you ever have seen something more useless than designer confetti? ”

Improve Your Backgrounds - Improve Your Photography

The background in your image can quickly reveal your skill level as a photographer. Learning to see past an exotic or exciting subject, to catch the details in the background, is what will distinguish you from a beginning, hobbyist photographer to an experienced professional. The background in your image immediately stands out to a trained eye. Learning just this skill can very quickly elevate and improve your photography…

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Photography Served features top work in categories such as commercial photography, product photography and portraiture.

Alison Scarpulla

Great source of photographical inspiration…

Justyna Zdunczyk

She’s addicted to photography…


Photography by Alicia Savage…

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"Three Israelis. Three Palestinians. A Year in the West Bank."

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But read on your own

White is not always white…

There are a lot of white balance photoshop tutorials out there…

Maybe you find them helpful…

For me, there ist still only one ideal way for the white balance correcture afterwards - the curves eyedropper in photoshop

How To Keep Your Memory Cards Healthy...

Memory cards are one of the most often neglected parts of digital photographyBut, they’re extremely important because they’re responsible for safely storing your photos until you get them to your computer.

So, it’s important to take care of them properly. Here are a few tips for keeping them healthy:

1. Format new cards as soon as you get them

Many memory cards are advertised as “pre-formatted” and “ready to use,” but it’s always a good idea to reformat the card again when you receive it, since some cameras have special requirements for the file system of memory cardsFormatting the card with the camera you’ll be using it with will ensure that the card is in a format that the camera recognizes.

2. Never fill your cards completely

Most cameras have some kind of indicator on the LCD screen that tells you how many more photos you can shoot before filling the card. Keep an eye on this number and make sure you never get too close to filling the card, because if you happen to shoot a photo when the card is already full, there’s a chance your camera will still try to write part of the photo to the card (and potentially triggering a write error).

3. Never let your batteries drain completely

It’s also important to never let your batteries drain completely, because if your camera runs out of energy at the exact moment that it’s trying to write a photo to the memory card, then there’s a good chance that the camera will only write part of the file (which could corrupt the rest of the card).

4. Reformat your cards instead of deleting all the photos

Instead of deleting the photos on the card from your computer, always reformat the card from within the camera. This will ensure the card is in a format that the camera expects.

5. Use good quality memory cards

With all those camera bodies and lenses being so expensive, it’s tempting to save some money by getting inexpensive off-brand memory cards. But, remember the importance of these cards: they’re responsible for safely storing your photos. It’s worth a few dollars more to ensure your photos arrive safely at your computer.


Joseph Campbell’s Hero Formula….

It all begins and ends with Status Quo… It’s a cicle…

Every story is the same, but see it in the video: 4:08 min

Hero is the literally Hero Formula…

1. Call to adventure

2. Assistance

3. Departure

4. Trials

5. Approach

6. Crisis

7. Treasure

8. Resolt

9. Return

10. New Life

11. Resolution

12. Status quo

See more of their lessons… Learning never was more easy and beautiful designed…

Google, as in the 60ies...

"Google60 — Search Mad Men Style" is an art project to explore distances and heroism in user interfaces.

The concept behind is that the distance, i.e.: the “world-factor”, inherent in a user interface adds a heroic dimension of a special kind to what would be else a mere tool. In other words: The more worldly and obstructive the interface, the more intense the user’s desires in front of the machine. (E.g., an image composed of block-graphics that is merely resembling the depicted object might well be more amazing than a photo-realistic representation in high-resolution.)

It was to have been the nuclear age, but it became the search engine age…

Why Google? The general idea is that a search engine provides a well known and focused approach for the user-interaction. And it’s fun too … Have fun and explore.

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